About Barry K. Rothman

With decades of experience in the legal profession, helping clients in the entertainment industry sign a fair contract that protects their interests, Barry K. Rothman is ready to fight for you. The Law offices of Barry K. Rothman have a who’s who list of clientele that speak to his expertise in negotiating contracts. Rothman’s firm has advocated on behalf of some of the biggest names in show business, helping to litigate and find a fair deal. As a boutique law firm, clients can always speak directly with an attorney who knows their case. At the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, we offer dependable representation and an industry reputation that is unmatched.

We litigate:
· Disputes over intellectual property
· Real estate disputes
· Defamation lawsuits
· Unfair competition
· Contract negotiations
· And more!

Every case is matched with an attorney who specializes in your needs, collaborating to offer many perspectives and find the ideal solution to your case. Your attorney must be willing to fight for you, and we remain ready for anything! Our experience, and unmatched level of service, ensure you can always get a fair and legal solution.
Call the Law Offices of Barry K Rothman for the best in legal representation for the entertainment industry.